Nestled in the metropolitan area of Passaic County, NJ, lies a gem of a chapter known as Pi Xi Omega. The Prestigious Pi Xi Omega Chapter was chartered on July 7, 1986, in the North Atlantic Region. For thirty-seven years, this chapter has served the greater Passaic County with a spirit of passion, power, and purpose.  

“Her-story” began when twenty-three stellar women had a vision of continuing the legacy of great sisterhood, scholarship, and service for which our sorority is known. Their interest group was called “Visions.” This group of like-minded women focused on bettering their beloved community through service, outreach, and uplift. Their vision has grown into a polished pearl of a chapter, acknowledged and known for its great work throughout the region.  

Pi Xi Omega is grateful to its charter members for their incredible foresight. Throughout the year, chapter sorors have worked diligently to keep the unwavering commitment to Passaic County alive and well. Kudos to charter members: Brenda Armstrong, Mary Baldwin*, Linda Caldwell, Teresa Carter, Lizzie Chase, Edith Conner, Brenda Davenport, Sara Finney, Melody Fitzgerald, Thelma Gooch, Elsie Hubbard*, Juwan Hubbard, Donna McSee, H. Selina Nelson, Sandra Nicholas, Marcia Parchment, Eugenia Powell*, Jewel P. Ross, Karen Ross, Althea Rudrow*, Catherine Sellers, Vera Thompson, and Alberta Susan Wells*. *Beloved deceased charter members  

The thirty-seven year “her-story” of Pi Xi Omega is brimming with notable accomplishments which have had a great impact on the community, such as four home builds with Habitat for Humanity, mentoring youth via AKATeens, The Ivy Reading Academy, Debutante Cotillions, HBCU college tours, and AKAmazing Race community beautifying event; successful scholarship events including “The Harvest of Hope” Achievement Luncheon and the Alma Pinder Greeks-n-Sneaks Basketball Tournament. Last but certainly not least, Pi Xi Omega worked to inspire a healthy lifestyle by sponsoring youth and women’s health conferences with robust programming and corporate sponsorship. This most notable story of service has garnered the chapter numerous awards along with the ability to birth its charitable arm, The Silk City Pearls Foundation.

Charter Member *

Beloved Deceased Member **

Catherine Sellers 1986 *

Althea Rudrow 1987 * / **

Sheryl Waggner 1988-1989

Carla Mathis 1989-1990

Selina Nelson 1991-1994 *